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Thrive: Anchoring Your Financial Freedom

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Strategies to Turn Uncertainty to Competitive Advantage

The journey to financial freedom might not have a definite destination but the options that one gets while walking the journey are worth the Grind. It is never a one size fits all, as we are different when it comes to aspirations and goals. There are, however, some general guidelines that illuminate the path. These guidelines are discussed in this book. They include;

  • The importance of adopting goal-based investment as a method of wealth creation
  • Review of the key matters that one needs to look at in wealth creation among them being Budgeting, Debt management, Investments, Taxation planning, Estate planning, Retirement planning and the need to select the right partners.

The book provides a step-by-step guide on each of the key important matters on wealth creation and if Implemented well together with the help of the various professionals, one can live their lives more freely.

The book is written in simple language to ensure that anyone can be able to take and implement the frameworks provided.

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