Human empowerment starts when an individual gathers knowledge about a subject matter as per Benjamin Franklin saying Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.Our trainings are geared towards execution and creating accountability partnership towards the attainment of the goals that you set out to achieve. The trainings are for someone who wants to achieve sustainable wealth.

Individual Trainings

1. Personal Wealth Creation (PWC):

We work with busy professionals to establish the right portfolio to meet their various money needs, help carry out the investments and create review sessions to relook and rebalance the portfolio.

2. Creating Resilient Businesses (CRB):

We all want to create businesses that outlive us. To do this we need to ensure we lay the right foundations. This will include making the right decisions with regards the right people to associate with, the products, the processes that we need to put in place among others. We aim to work with people already in businesses to relook and realign their process. For people starting their businesses we work together put in place the right structures.

Group Trainings

We offer group trainings to both companies and other groups like Chamas on matters Investments, Personal Finance, Corporate Strategy, Retirement planning among others. Our trainings can be both one off or programmes that runs over a period of time depending on the client and the need assessment report that we carry out and make recommendations.

Creating sustainable solutions for wealth creation.

Work with me

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