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Three blocks to wealth creation

Published on
June 20, 2022
Elizabeth Nkukuu
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There is a lot happening the world around us, the developed markets are seeing an increase in

the Central Bank Rates, the cost of living is increasing due to factors well above even the

governments of the day and we are seeing investors fleeing more risky assets as they all

adopt a wait and see attitude. In the middle of all this it is time to relook at the basics and see

what is it that we can do to rework our wealth creation pillars and is there anything that we

can adjust to make it all work for us and take advantage of the current situation.

Wealth creation is like three-legged stool that comprises of three steps: 

i) Create and income source

 ii) Save as much as you can

 iii) Invest the cash in the best way possible.

 The three pillars are interrelated and the mastery of one helps in growing the others as much.

Income: When it comes to income one should always ensure that they are making the best

amount for the time employed in what they are doing. This can be done by investing in

oneself, believing in themselves and commanding what they truly deserve. This is true

whether one is employed or in business. To start here one must start by looking at where they

stand and asking what is the best they can with the said resources that they have

Saving: It is often side that there is no one that became rich from investing which is true but

No one can become a great investor unless they are also a good saver. Saving helps create the

self-discipline that is required in wealth creation. One should create saving habits that once

If they do this, they can graduate to much better investments. We should try to use the

available savings applications and methods to help create the right discipline

Investing: Investing is for wealth preservation, not wealth creation, so first you have to

make wealth. James Altucher. Investing is making the cash we have to work for us. One

should invest wisely and understand the key basics of each investment ie the Return, the Risk

and the Liquidity of the various investments before putting in their cash to it.

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